A Finnish lumberjack moves to Canada for work

A Finnish lumberjack moves to Canada for work

Towards the end of his first work day, the foreman comes to speak to him,

“So, how much work have you gotten done?”

“I’ve made 64 logs.” the Finn responds.

“Well that’s not enough, we agreed on 100 logs everyday” the foreman said while shaking his head,

“I’ll come check back on you tomorrow.

“The next day, the Finn makes 92 logs.

“Much better, but not enough, we need 100 logs.” The foreman says.

“I’m working as hard as a person possibly can, there’s no way I’m able to make anymore” the Finn responds.

The foreman seems perplexed, “Let me see your chainsaw, maybe there’s something wrong with it.”,

He says before inspecting the Finns chainsaw.

He starts the chainsaw up, and the Finn jumps back in fright, yelling “What’s that noise?!”

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