John and his girlfriend Mary decide to become bank-robbers

John and his girlfriend Mary decide to become bank-robbers.

Mary does the actual robbing at gunpoint inside the banks while John waits outside as the getaway driver.

They are initially successful with a string of heists that make headlines and they become folk-heroes.

Until one day their luck runs out and they get caught.

At trial, the judge condemns Mary to ten years in prison, while John gets two years.

However, once they get to their respective prisons,

they discover that due to a clerical error John will be serving ten years and Mary only two.

Despite of her insistence, John convinces Mary to keep quiet about it.

After two years Mary gets out and she continues to visit John faithfully every month

and they exchange letters and phone calls regularly for the remainder of his ten years.

Finally, after he does his time, John gets out and is joyfully reunited with Mary.

They get married and move to a different state and start anew, leaving their life of crime behind.

They raise a family with children and grandchildren and eventually reach old age, after having lived a happy marriage.

On their 50th wedding anniversary party, the entire family and friends are gathered.

A great celebration is had, with many laughs and stories, recounting their life together.

The conversation turns to the secrets to a happy marriage.

One of the guests asks Mary why she decided to stick with John while he was in prison, despite all of the hardships.

Mary answers: “Well… you know you have found the One when you finish each other’s sentences.”

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