A man close his bar at night

A man was getting ready to close his bar for the night

when a robber with a ski mask burst in and pulls a gun.

He yells to him, “This is a stick-up! Put all your dough in this bag!”

The scared the man pleads, “Don’t shoot, please! I’ll do as you say!”

The robber yells, “Shut up and empty the cash register!”

HE says, “Okay, okay! Just don’t shoot, I have a wife and kids! I’ll do whatever you say!”

The crook takes the money then puts the gun to the the man’s head and says,

Alright, now give me a bl*wj*b!”

“Anything!” cries Man, “Just don’t shoot!”

The man starts to blow the crook.

As the crook gets excited, he drops the gun.

Man sees the gun on the floor, picks it up, hands it back to the crook and yells,

“Hold the gun, damn it! Somebody might walk in!”

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