A priest is riding a cab

A priest gets a taxi. While driving, the taxi driver is being extremely obnoxious.

Every time the car gets into a small pit in the road, the taxi driver says “F***k!”or “Shit!”.

The priest is silent.

Then they accidentally hit a pothole, and the taxi driver goes “Motherfker!”.

Then they hit a crack in the road and the driver yet again goes “For f***k’s sake!”.

The priest cannot handle it no more so he goes:

“Sir, why are you cussing every time?

Instead of swearing, say “May the Lord have mercy” and all will be fine!”.

They continue driving. For some unknown reason, the car starts drifting, the driver loses control of his car,

get’s its tire into a hatch in the ground so that this tire flies off in the distance,

and the car itself is on the verge of turning over, so the driver shouts out:

“Lord, have mercy!”, and the car is immediately tipped back on,

reversed back on the road, and the tire flies back into its position.

The man goes: “Lord, thank you!”,

while the priest goes: “Jesus fking Christ, that’s new!”.

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