A very ‘straight and honest’ girl is going to Town

A very ‘straight and honest’ girl is going to Town.

Before she left, her mother gave her some advice:

“Daughter, when you’re in Town and if you’re looking for a match there,…

you must take note of the following the requirements mother set for you.

You must find a man that is ‘faithful’, ‘thrifty’ and must be a ‘fresh one’.”

With this advice from her mother, the girl went to Town.

After some months later, she came home to get her mother’s blessings to marry.

“Mother, I’ve met the my match following your instructions.

My future husband is faithful because when we went out for holiday one day,…

he took care of me specifically even though there were so many prettier girls around.

Isn’t that being faithful?” Her mother nodded in agreement.

“Then, since the day was getting late in the night and rain was pouring,…

my boyfriend decided that we stay the night at a hotel.

He also suggested that in order not to spend too much, they’ll share one room only.

Isn’t he not thrifty guy?”

For the second time her mother nodded her head in agreement, but with a little concern.

“And finally mum…, I know he is untouched.”

“How did you know he is still untouched?”

The mother asked with repidition.

“MMM… his ‘that one’ is still new and hard…. all wrapped up in plastic, mum!”

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