A woman in bus trying to brstfeed her baby

A woman is riding the bus while trying to brstfeed her baby.

The baby, however, isn’t interested. After several tries, the mother is quite angry.

“Drink the milk or I’ll give it all to the man sitting at the back!” she says.

The baby is still playing around. A few minutes later she tries again,

“drink the milk or I’ll really give it all to the man at the back, and you’ll go hungry!”

The baby continues rejecting her. She tries again, very angry this time,

“I’m definitely going to give it all to the man at the back if you don’t behave!”

This goes on a few more times. Suddenly she hears a voice from the back of the bus –

“Lady will you please make up your mind?

I was supposed to get off 5 stops ago.”

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