Decided to get married with girlfriend

We are already 2 years together with my girlfriend and decided to get married.

My parents helped as much as they could and all my my friends said it’s a really good idea!

My girlfriend? She is a dream!

But there is something that bothers me! This something is her little sister…

This is my future 20 years old sister-in-law , wearing a super skinny, mini skirts and short upper.

Always lean ahead and I was often lucky to see her underwear.

She never did that in front of someone else!

One day she calls me and asks me to go home to see the wedding invitations.

When I arrived she was alone.

She whispered that soon I get married and that she has feelings for me for long time and that she thinks she can’t overcome them.

She also said that she desperately wanted to make love with me just once before I marry her sister.

I was shocked and could not say a word… She said to me that she goes to bed and asked if I wanted to go up with her.

I froze and looked at her going up the stairs.

Going up, she took her p*nti*s off and threw it at me.

I realized that there is no protection i have.

I stayed there for a moment and then ran to the door, I opened it and I walked to the car.

My future father-in-law was standing outside with tears in his eyes,

hugged me and said: “I’m glad you passed this little test and I am sure that my daughter could not find a better man

Welcome to the family, my son!”

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