This young boy named Don walked into a call house,

slammed his money on the counter and said, “I want a woman!”

The man behind the counter asked, “How old are you? “Don, replied, “I’m 17!

“The man said, “Your too young, come back when your older, mean while practice on trees.

“A year later Don once again came back to that place,

swung the front door open, then shut, stomped over to the front desk and slammed his money on the counter harder then before.

He screamed, “GIVE ME A WOMAN!”

The man behind the counter said, “How old are you?” Don, shouted, “I AM 18!”

The man took Don’s money and said, “OK, up stairs, second door on the left.”

Don didn’t miss a beat. He ran up those stairs so fast he skipped every other step.

It wasn’t about 5 minutes later when the man behind the counter heard the woman up stairs screaming in complete and utter agony.

So he jumped over the counter and ran up the stairs.

Once at the room he kicked in the door and to his surprise,

Don had a broomstick shoved right up the woman’s h0le.

The man shouted, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Don simply replied, “Checking for squirrels…”

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