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A man goes into his doctors

A man goes into his doctors after being assaulted by an elephant in the jungle.

As the man explains what happened in the jungle the doctor is confused.

“Well, I can’t see any injuries on you, so what happened?”

The man responds “Well you see Doc, the elephant knocked me down and…. Had his way with me..

I know it’s bad but can you have a look for me?

“The doctor is flabbergasted and says “ok of course,

pull your trousers down and I’ll have a look”

As soon as the man’s trousers drop the Doctor recoils and exclaims “Oh god! Pull your trousers up! That’s awful!”

“You’re right, the elephant has done a number on you,

but I do have a question.

My brother works in a zoo, and I’ve seen an elephants tool, and its like this

“The doctor holds his hands to the width of a side plate”

And your circle looks like…”

He holds his hands to the width of a dinner plate “What happened?!”

The man responds, “I know. The b**st*ard use his finger first.

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