A married woman walks up to a doctor

A married woman walks up to a doctor and

tells him that all she wants for Christmas is for her husband to be interested in love making.

Doctor then proceeds to give her a bottle of pills.

He tells her to give them a try and then let him know how it’s working.

So she takes the pills home and puts one pill in her husband’s Christmas dinner.

That night, they make love for one hour. The next day, she’s running around thrilled and happy.

“Oh, my God. I can’t believe how well that worked,” she thinks to herself.

That night she puts two pills in his food and that night they make love for two hours.

The next day, she’s even more thrilled, so she dumps all the pills in his food.

Two weeks go by without any word from this woman, so doctor decides to give her a call.

A little boy answers the phone. Doctor says, “Little boy, is your mother home?”

“No, she’s…who’s this?” the little boy asks.

“I’m a friend of your mother’s and I gave her some pills to help her out a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe you know how it’s going?” “That was you?!” the little boy says.

“Let me tell you. Mom’s dead, neighbour aunt is pr*gn*nt, my a**s hurts and Dad’s in the attic going, ‘Here kitty, kitty, kitty. “

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