Three friends talking about most counters on bed

Three friends were bragging about who has had the most counters on bed.

The first guy starts, “You have nothing on me!

I can go to any bar and bring home a new woman every night!

Not only that, but I drive a corvette and have an 8 inch tool!

I’ve slept with more than 1,100 women!”

The next guy shoots back, “Oh yeah?

Well I’m the top gynecologist at the best hospital in the world.

I make $900,000 a year, have patients and nurses who have slept with me every hour at work.

All the women compliment me on my 13 inch tool and I’ve slept with well over 5,000 women.”

Last guy chuckles, “I have you all beat.

I scr***wed over all the folks who were reading this joke.

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