A man books a Doctor’s appointment

A man books a Doctor’s appointment for his huge manhood.

He books the appointment with the doctor and goes into to see him and explains,

“D-d-d-d-doctor I have a really bad s-s-s-stutter caused by all the b-b-b-b-blood going to my huge p-p-p-p-p**nis”

The doctor takes a look and can see that is the case.

They come to an agreement that the man must have his manhood reduced to a normal size to help with blood flow and stop the stutter.

A week later and the doctor conducts the surgery and removes most of the skin and leaves it off to the side and stitches the man up.

He wakes up and without a doubt, no stutter!

“Thank you doctor this will be life changing!”

A week passes and the man comes back down to see the doctor.

“Doctor i have been able to talk fine but the issue is the girls don’t like me anymore,

I used to get all the ladies with my huge manhood, now they don’t like me,

I need you to stitch that back on.

“The doctor replies, “g-g-g-g-go f***k yourself”

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