Two old ladies were sitting at a bus stop

Two old ladies were sitting at a bus stop smoking cigarettes…

Suddenly it begins to rain.

Old lady #1 pulls a safety pack out of her purse and slips it over her cigarette and continues smoking.

Impressed, old lady #2 says,

“Whad’ya call that thing and where can I get one?”

“You mean this cigarette cover?

I get mine down at the pharmacy,” Says old lady #1.

So the next day old lady #2 heads on down to the pharmacy and is standing in the aisle with the safety pack when an employee notices she’s been there a while.

“Ma’am, do you need some help?

” Says the worker, resisting a smile.

Old woman #2 replies,

“Well I’m 60 years old and I’ve never bought one of these before,

I don’t know which ones to get.

” The worker asks, “What size do you think you’ll need?

” Old lady #2 replies, “Hell, I don’t know, at least big enough to fit a camel.”

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