A Woman Decides To Surprise Her Husband

A woman decides to surprise her husband with a brand new luxury wardrobe…:

While he’s at work she goes to IKEA and finds a beautiful wardrobe, buys it, and returns home.

Reading the instructions, she easily assembles the marvelous piece of furniture Then, as she stood satisfied with her work, a bus passed by the window and the whole wardrobe fell apart.

Stunned, the woman assembles the wardrobe again, making sure she follows the instructions exactly.

When she finishes all looks perfect, but a few minutes later a bus passes, and again the wardrobe falls to pieces!

At this point, the woman has had enough and calls customer support to explain the wardrobe she bought collapsed whenever a bus passed.

The man on the other end insists that they provide any service necessary for the proper installation of their furniture, and sends over the very carpenter who designed the wardrobe to help.

The carpenter watches as the woman assembles, seemingly perfect, the wardrobe.

And yet, as the next bus passes it falls to pieces again!

Determined to figure out the issue, the carpenter helps her rebuild the wardrobe and enters inside to see exactly what happens when a bus passes.

Suddenly the woman’s husband bursts through the front door, demanding to know why the neighbours had texted him saying a strange man had been in their house for hours.

Surging through the house he throws open doors until he comes across the new wardrobe.

He opens the wardrobe to reveal the carpenter inside, and demands to knows what he was doing there.

Shocked, the carpenter says: “Would you believe me if I said I’m waiting for the bus?”

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